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  • Why the US kept Daylight Saving Time
    Why do we spring forward and fall back with our clocks each year? Daylight Saving Time was a way to save fuel and make the most of sunlight during World War I, but it has stuck around.
  • How to prevent a hangover, and 3 ways to treat one
    Find out how to prevent a hangover — or at least keep that morning-after misery to a minimum. Experts say there is only one true preventive — or cure — for a hangover: Don't drink.
  • Should you let Halloween be a candy free-for-all? Maybe, experts say
    Whether it's concern over a sugar rush, weight gain or loss of control, a giant bag of candy on Halloween can give some parents anxiety. But controlling kids' candy supply too tightly may backfire and lead to unintended consequences, experts say.
  • Untitled
    A 57-year-old Maryland man who had received a genetically modified pig heart in a first-of-its-kind transplant surgery has died, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.
  • Untitled
    CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains bipolar disorder and why the condition is so difficult to identify and treat.

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